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Larry Villarin Posted: Jan 23, 2019
Long Beach CA
I don't know how/where I came across this address. Was recently in The Cities, so that's a clue. Anyway, great site.
John Edel Posted: Apr 1, 2016
St. Paul/Minnesota
Mr. Drew (your little brother) Posted: Dec 16, 2012
Minneapolis, MN USA

Always the Goods Big Brother, Always the Goods. Keep On Livin'!
Ann Pritchard Posted: Jun 12, 2012
Minneapolis, MN USA
Enjoyed listening to your Music!
Jim Hansen Posted: Nov 16, 2011
Mpls, MN USA

Great toons!!! Thanx for the introduction. Nice to meet with you last week at Kafe421 Hope to do so again. Keep the dream alive. jh
Susan Adams Posted: Oct 27, 2009
Maple Grove MN

Cool stuff.
Wronanomems Posted: Dec 16, 2008
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Dear administration, I am assured, that I shall express the general opinion of all visitors and consequently on behalf of everything, I speak you the hugest thanks for creation and maintenance of such remarkable project!

As very much it would be desirable to hear something about plans for development of the project.

P.S. If our help is necessary - address, we always with pleasure shall help you!
Starla Droogsma Posted: Nov 15, 2008
Alexandria, MN USA

I love the new pics; but of course I'm still partial to your last album. Lol, your doing an awesome job. I really like the music.

Trish Posted: Aug 19, 2008
Minnetonka, Mn

Geoff - your style of music is new to my ears. What a talent!
Sherry Woods Posted: Mar 31, 2008
Washington, DC

Geoff - just listened to Unknown Path - I loved it! Your cuz on the East Coast is proud of you! Hold on to your dreams - you have been given a wonderful gift, keep growing and sharing what you have.


Roger Bergeson Posted: Sep 29, 2007

Geoff, you write (and play!) some incredible music. I used to listen to lots of Satriani and Steve Vai, so you're music was like coming home.
Looking forward to hearing more.
Emmett NorthJr. Posted: Sep 26, 2007
Ciao friends and fans here at 'Sikyon' stop over at my new official website at and check me out,theres all of my recordings,videos and photos from my '2006' 'Music Is My Life Tour' of italy,sweden,serbia and austria.Theres much more there also ciao,Emmett North Jr.
Mixermatt Posted: Sep 6, 2007
Bloomington, MN 55420

Being a Disc Jockey I hear a lot of music and the music you have is good stuff. Keep up the great work with your music..

Mixermatt Cable
Radio 96
Bloomington, MN
Leogaher Posted: Jun 1, 2007
Bobruisk, Belarus

I Love you guys

Emmett North Jr Posted: May 12, 2007
N.Hollywood.CA /USA
I noticed my name on your site and thought i would stop by and show some love.My official site ( Ciao my brother,Emmett.
Brian S Posted: Mar 10, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

ROCK ON SIKYON! i'M a new FAN! tHiS mUsIc Is ThE s**T! i JuSt OrDeReD tHe Cd...I can't wait to hear it on a real sound systeM! Peace!!!!
Jill Posted: Mar 4, 2007

I just love your music!
Steven, Maria & Al the Pal Posted: Feb 9, 2006

12/25/06-It is so good to see that you finally got a CD. I can't wait to get it. Sounds good from what we heard.
Don't forget us when you get rich & famous. Love Steven, Maria & Al the Pal.
Anthony Del Ciello Posted: Feb 8, 2006
Janesville, WI

Excellent stuff! That triplet picking in "the aggression" is dead on...
Ryan D Posted: Feb 9, 2006
Duluth, MN. USA

FRom artist to artist. The man with the master plan in dluth here.Well man my new email address is

$igned : Ryan D.
Darsheblows Posted: Feb 9, 2006

Geoff you rock! Looking forward to hearing more, and also some of the mellow stuff...and make the circuit so I can see you perform....Peace & love, Darsheblows(your local snack lady)
A Musician Posted: Feb 9, 2006

RE: Spiders & Ants
Now, THIS is what Pink Floyd should've sounded like, only if they decided to STOMP! And, this STOMPS!!! Like A GIANT!! I LIKE!
Studio Musician Posted: Feb 9, 2006
New Mexico

RE: "The Aggression"-Sincere headbangin mosh metal done well. Great rhythm technique, good plaing, good riff writing
Xavier Marquis Posted: Feb 9, 2006

You are truly talented and I wish you the best of luck with pursuing your career!!!!! -Xavier Marquis
Steven, Maria & Al the Pal Posted: Feb 9, 2006

It is so good to see that you finally got a CD. I can't wait to get it. Sounds good from what we heard.
Don't forget us when you get rich & famous. Love Steven, Maria & Al the Pal.
Lex Posted: Jul 22, 2005
in my world

Good stuff G!
Alan H. (Althesaxman) Posted: May 23, 2005
Crystal, Mn.

Fine Talent Indeed !!!!!!
Roy Elkins Posted: Apr 15, 2005
Madison, Wisconsin

Best of luck in your musical ventures