Insights from an Empath

Digital EP released 2023

Geoff, I really liked the arrangement of 'Adios Angry Demon.' It did take me back to when I was a teenager and I would listen to these long playing rock albums and I would just vibe out. So, clearly you’re talented!” - Jerry Davis, Sports Music Legend & Chief Creative Officer, Fox Sports
Tranquil Pandemonium sounds beautiful and very Gershwin-esque!” - Mark Frieser, CEO
Perhaps what sets Geoff’s music from others is its sheer ability to connect with deep and introspective narratives. The singles form a corpus of reflective thinking which inspires everyone to take a closer look at the life that they have chosen for themselves.” - ArtistPR


There are beautiful dramatic expressions within the new collection of songs coupled with Geoff’s electrifying guitar tones, heartfelt piano progressions and melodic mastery – the album represents a triumphant journey that keeps the audience hooked for ages.” - ArtistPR

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